Being a personal branding expert in the photography industry. / by Ryan Alexander

All my life growing up, I never knew how photographers succeeded so well. After establishing my business name and having my business registered with the state of South Dakota, I can now understand what it takes to own a personal brand and how to be an expert in your field and the industry with your main competitors.

Your first step with establishing your own brand is making a website for yourself. Your website is the home base for your brand. It represents who you are, what you do, and how you market to your potential customers. Your website will drive across many S.E.O. results from people who search for your website. But now you are wondering, how people make the brand successful? How do people find out about your brand?



I think the second and most important thing with your brand is engaging it on social media. Social media marketing is a great resource to market your brand across millions of account users. Most everyone in the world today interacts with social media either from a computer or a mobile device. This is great for you because you can establish your ideas to potential customers and post it with pictures, videos, or links to your website about your brand and your ideas. This will expose you and your brand in the competitive market. As you can see, my social media accounts are posted on my navigation from my website. I use social media more than 90% of the time during the day. I post a lot of helpful business ideas and photography tips on twitter. From that, I use twitter and Instagram with engaging the hashtags. As strange at it sounds, a lot of people search the hashtags to see what kind of content is posted from them. Also being that I am a photographer, I do post a lot of photographs on my accounts. I want my followers to be engaged with me in what I specialize in as a photographer.

This last one is pretty common for everyone with being a branding expert. The next important thing for your brand is to find your niche. Who do you want to associate with your brand and who do you want to market that brand too? Your niche will drive your followers and boost your brand for your business. You will find followers who you love your content and hopefully it will make you money on some sales later down the road.

For me in photography, I have lists of people that I market too. This can consist of families, high school seniors, engaged couples, automotive car enthusiasts, and many more. Everyone in the photography world has their own creative style with what they specialize in the most. To be different, you have to understand what makes your brand different from the competition.

Being a personal branding expert will help you achieve your goals with your business in the future.